images (20)Do you have a lot of followers on your twitter account? Do you want to put your twitter to good use making money? There companies that are willing to pay you for advertising their stuff on twitter. These are called affiliate programs,

 Quickly turn your followers into cash

Here are some companies with fast pay-outs. Get paid days after your followers make a purchase.

App universe –   This company converts websites, videos, eBooks, pictures, etc, into android apps. Sign up and get an affiliate link and paste it to your social media site. When your followers get an app made you will get a commission of 30% paid to you in less then a week. CLICK HERE TO JOIN

 Commission Junction – Being one of the biggest affiliate programs on the internet, you can pick from 1000’s of companies that you can send leads to, and earn a commissions. All you have to do is sign-up and pick a company that you want to send leads to, get the links or banners, and post the link to your twitter account.

 Crocmint - Are you into herbal health products that can improve weight loss and sex life?This is the program for you. Pick a product you want, get the link or banner and post it to your twitter account.

 Wealthy Affiliate – This is program that will pay you, if someone just sign up for a $0 membership. It’s an internet marketing community that has an affiliate program, This program is a win,win deal.

 Meaning you can build your own free website and learn how to generate traffic to whatever you want.

 Not only will you build an online business, you will make money in the process by sending visitors to your affiliate links from Wealthy Affiliate.

Loyaltepays – This program has social media in mine, How the program works, is you pick an eBook, or help video from loyaltepays library, and then you brand it with your affiliate link they give you, and then you share it on your social networks. When people watch it and sign up for loyaltepays you will own a commission.


 Try these companies if you want to make money on twitter, they are free to sign up for, and they have training videos to help you get more traffic.

If you have any questions or comments leave the in the comment box, I’ll be happy to help you.


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