make money with fiverr ebook - ezra's surefire paydayDo you want to make money with Seoclerks? Ezra’s Surefire Payday is an ebook with a step by step plan for making money by using a combination of Fiverr, craigslist, instagram, and twitter.

There are no up-sells, and the eBook has around 20 pages that layout the whole system for easy using.

 The part that caught my attention

I bought the eBook to see what they was working with. I started to read it. At first I thought it was one of them eBooks with a saturated niche, but to my surprise the niche they talked about was one I had no clue about, so I did some research to see if the niche had high competition.

To my surprise it had very low-competition and you don’t need no experience. The niche is geared towards the music industry.

The pros and cons


  • Easy step by step directions about setting up the niche

  • ad scripts that you can use to market your product

  • Links that you can use for hiring outsourcing

  • no experience needed

  • You can use this system to promote many different niches

  • 100% money-back guarantee


  • To make the system work, you will need to spend $30 to $40 for marketing purposes, but not mandatory.

  • If you use the outsourcing, it takes a few days for the outsources to finish your orders

How this product is for

Anybody that want to make money online can benefit from this eBook, from teenagers to senior citizens. If you have a full time job, or a full time housewife. If you use outsources you won’t have to do any work it will all been done for you.

My Take on Ezra’s Surefire Payday

After I read the eBook. It took me less then an hour for me to hire outsources and get the ball rolling, once everything’s  done all I have to do is want for the customers to email me when they want to buy the service I’m selling.


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